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New to the game

2011-06-05 14:28:26 by SolidSHAKEgo

Check out my music if you haven't. I am just getting started and messing around with FL and stuff and I like to be criticized on the work I do. Any help is better than no help right!!!

I am just learning and I dont have all day to work on something, and my mind changes a lot when I write a song. but in the end I should be happy with the result haha. I just want to know if others enjoy it as well as I do

i bet newgrounds is really busy. its been 20 days since my first upload and still havent seen it up. im scared to upload it again because it might show up twice haha. idk what to do..just wait it out, and idk for how much longer..

2 songs submitted

2011-05-14 14:57:28 by SolidSHAKEgo

uploaded my second song. now its just a matter of waiting for me noob phase to be over.
soon enough though.......soon enough.


2011-05-13 01:46:53 by SolidSHAKEgo

i am uploading some music. didnt know it was going to take 30weeks haha.

just rolling along

2011-05-04 20:23:14 by SolidSHAKEgo

hey are you?!